لوگوی سفید راشنو
لوگوی سفید راشنو

Working stay

Work residence is one of the most attractive and most demanding methods of immigration. Currently, Turkey’s economy ranks 18th in the world and due to the special geographical and strategic location of this country in the vicinity of Iran, it has become one of the most attractive destinations for immigration applicants. .


Among the benefits of obtaining a work residence in Turkey, the following can be mentioned:


     The possibility of obtaining residence for other family members (wife and children under 18 years of age and parents in case of special conditions) along with the job seeker.

     Having an active and dynamic economy

     The growing need for young labor

Study stay

One of the most economic and fastest ways to obtain Turkish residence is to obtain academic residence and study in Turkey, having prestigious scientific universities with a happy and dynamic competitive environment in the universities of this country and the gathering of famous scientists and scientific professors in Various disciplines from all over the world in the universities of this country have provided an attractive environment for students eager to acquire knowledge.


Advantages of studying in Turkey:


     The possibility of obtaining residence for other family members (wife and children under 18 years old)

     Not having the condition of age and grade point average

     Granting a work permit in Turkey

     The possibility of free education of your children in public schools in Turkey

Residence through marriage

The meaning of obtaining Turkish residence through marriage is actually obtaining the citizenship of a woman by marrying a Turkish man or vice versa. One of the most important features of obtaining a residence in the above method is the fastest and easiest way to obtain a residence. If a person can obtain a Turkish passport in this way while keeping all the rights of his country and previous citizenship, he will have other benefits, including:


     The possibility of receiving a Turkish name and surname (Turkish identity) for yourself

     The possibility of employment in government centers without any restrictions

     The possibility of benefiting from government facilities and benefits completely similar to Turkish citizens, including receiving bank loans and installment purchases of houses and cars, etc

Residence by birth

This type of residence is actually only for people who are legally born in Turkey. Legally born means that either the marriage of the child’s parents is legally registered in Turkey, or if the parents are legally married in Turkey. It has not been recorded that they traveled to this country and obtained their residence using one of the legally available ways before the birth of the child.

Residence by investment

This type of residence is also one of the common methods of obtaining Turkish citizenship, which is most welcomed by industrialists and businessmen of the country, or even people with ordinary capital who intend to invest in foreign countries. It is found that in this particular type of investment in a foreign country, it requires much more knowledge than usual. We suggest you to do enough research before making an investment, get to know the target market, existing risks, and identify the market’s needs. The country is Turkey. In this regard, it is enough to fill out the contact form with our consultants so that our experts will contact you as soon as possible.

Residence through company registration

One of the best ways to obtain residency in Turkey is to register a company in this country, with this you can take advantage of the existence of dozens of options, only one of which is obtaining business residency for managers of registered companies and their family members. It is possible that only by extending this residence for 5 years, it is possible for a person to have Turkish citizenship and passport. Registering a company in Turkey is one of the best options for business development and capital management for people with even medium capital, including The following benefits can be mentioned.


     Solving the issues and problems in the field of import and export that have happened to Iranian businessmen and entrepreneurs due to sanctions.

     Among the other benefits of registering a company in Turkey, we can mention the removal of existing restrictions in the field of commercial currency transfer

     Smoothing the path of immigration to countries such as Canada, England and America

     The development of limited businesses in Iran due to existing bans

Accommodation through tourist

One of the fastest and most cost-effective ways to obtain a residence in Turkey is to obtain a tourist visa, which means that if you intend to stay in this country for more than 90 days, you must go to one of the methods of obtaining a visa, which is Among the existing methods of obtaining a tourist visa (as long as it is consistent with your goals of staying in this country), the most economical, economical and fastest way is possible. As a result, if you go to work or study in this country during your stay, this will invalidate your visa. Turkey, with a tourist visa, takes the turn of the embassy, because it is considered a resident of this country, and these times are regulated and issued much faster. Only 90 days is possible without any visa.

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