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One of the most important activities of Rashnu group managers and lawyers is the authoring of various books and articles in the fields of law, of which 9 books have been compiled with the efforts of Mr. Hamed Alizadeh Aghdam and other staffs, and 6 books are in the process of being printed and reprinted. is.


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In order to make it easier for you, dear ones, to some questions that are similar, we have prepared ready answers that you can read before contacting or consulting Rashno Group, and if the question you are looking for is not among the answers, you can Call us.

Whether you can file a complaint or not, of course, yes you can, but it is not a matter of filing a complaint in itself. In order to file a complaint, it is enough to go to the judicial service offices and register your complaint, but what is of particular importance is that you can prove the crime. Prove your claim. Before filing any complaint, you must first provide your evidence and documents to prove it, and if you are sure that your complaint will reach the desired end, then you can file a complaint. (Ms. Maghiseh’s lawyer)

To answer this question, you should refer to the rental agreement between the parties. If there is a provision in that clause that if the rent is not paid on time, the lessor has the right to get an eviction order or the tenant must vacate the house, then you can do this. Do the work, otherwise no, if it is necessary for you to pay the rent on time, you should include it in the rental contract and give it a performance guarantee worthy of its importance. (Ms. Maghiseh’s lawyer)

If the property was transferred as a gift, yes, he can take it back from you unless you have sold it and bought another car and house, in other words, if the same gift is not in your hand, he cannot demand a replacement from you. Or that everyone has been compensated, which means that they have received something for their donation, or that the property of the donation has changed. For example, a land has been donated to you and an apartment has been built on it, etc. (Ms. Maghiseh’s lawyer)

If the request for divorce is from the wife and she can prove her confusion to the judge, there is no need to give the dowry, but it is possible to separate and demand the dowry, but in a divorce that is at the will of both parties and the wife hates it. The woman must give all or part of her dowry, which is called divorce. In the third case, if the man wants a divorce, in addition to the dowry, he must also pay all the rights of the wife. (Ms. Maghiseh’s lawyer)

If you have a bank receipt to pay the money or you have a reason to prove the payment, then yes, you can request the money from the court due to the fact that you have the right. Generally, agreements are made that include contracts such as sale, rent, loan, etc., but they are not written down, and based on that, the money is transferred. A lawyer should enter it. (Ms. Maghiseh’s lawyer)

A- If this property has been transferred by contract or if money or other property has been received in exchange for this property, it cannot be returned.

B- If this property has been transferred by the main seller to the name of one of the spouses, the other party has only paid the money, he can claim the paid money and not the property.

C- If the principal of the donation is fixed and certain, in order to refer to it, the property must be available and not transferred to a third party, and no changes have been made in it. (Mr. Barati’s lawyer)

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